How to prepare for summer camp

May 16, 2013

Getting ready for summer camp should be an exciting process for your entire family. Many families attend multiple camps throughout the summer, so for your convenience we have posted our Welcome Packet in the form of a parent newsletter on-line in PDF format. This document covers almost everything you need to know about summer camp. Be sure to also check our Summer Camp FAQs and our sample Summer Camp Week  for more great information!

A few highlights from the newsletter:

  1. Regular Camp drop-off runs from 8:45-9:00 AM;
  2. Half-Day Campers are picked up at 1:00 PM. For the Full-Day campers, please pick-up them up promptly at 4:00 PM unless they are registered for Post-Camp;
  3. If Registered – Pre-Camp ($25/week) begins at 8:00 AM and Post-Camp ($35/week) ends at 5:30 PM (Except our TCA location ends @ 5:00 PM);
  4. Lunch and snacks are not provided: please drop them off with lunch, snacks, and water, also, there is NO microwave available and remember we are a peanut free zone.;
  5. Please note – On the 1st day of camp you will be given a security code, this code MUST be used by whomever is picking up your camper.
  6. Remind your camper to have fun!! :)

Also, Monday morning check-in will take a little bit longer than the other days. During the first check-in, you will be receiving your security code that is used to pick-up your camper, your parent activity sheet (to know what is going on in your child’s camp), and your camper’s t-shirt.

To help keep you organized this summer, don’t forget to download our free summer camp organizer! This will help you keep track of all of your various summer camps!

We cannot wait to see you all at summer camp this year!

Science was NEVER this much fun!!

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